2019 Sermons – Year C

Year C began on 2 December 2018 with the first Sunday of Advent.


25 December 2018 – Christmas Day: In a now long-standing tradition, the Rector reads an original Christmas Morning Story. It is copyrighted, but you are free to play or read it with the provision that you give full credit to the author, The Rev’d Canon Dr. Mark Gatza.


Christmas Morning Story 2018

23 December 2018 – Advent 4: Deacon Joan Kelly explains why this shouldn’t be just another Christmas.

23 December 2018 – C Advent 4

16 December 2018 – Advent 3: Canon Gatza’s experience of the heresy trial of Bishop Walter Righter illustrates the notion of the “bad snapshot,” which in turn explains why so many people rejected the preaching of John the Baptist.

16 December 2018 — C Advent 3

9 December 2018 – Advent 2: If you had the chance to have dinner with anyone from history, who would you choose? The Rector would choose John the Baptist, and explains why him.

9 December 2018 – C Advent 2

2 December 2018 – Advent 1: Fr. Bill Smith contrasts the expectations that come with the season before Christmas with the expectations of the disciples on their way to Jerusalem.

2 December 2018 – C Advent 1