2018 Sermons – Year B

14 January 2018 – B Epiphany 2: Jesus calls Philip and Nathaniel to come and join him as disciples, but what exactly does that mean? Parishioner Bob Banker “finishes” this sermon by describing a ministry that he is deeply involved with.

14 January 2018 – B Epiphany 2

7 January 2018 – Feast of the Baptism of our Lord: Fr. Bill Smith describes how he came to terms with the curious fact about Jesus being baptized by John. If John was in the business of forgiving sins, why did the sinless Jesus come to him? And what does that mean for us?

7 January 2018 – B Baptism of our Lord

31 December 2017 – A Service on the Circle of Time: No sermon, but an interesting collections of lessons and psalms to mark the changing of the year.

31 December 2017 – New Years Eve

25 December 2017 – Christmas Morning: Each year the Rector writes an original story for Christmas morning, featuring a character associated with the larger story.

25 December 2017 – B Christmas Morning

24 December 2017 – B Advent 4: Can’t have Christmas before the 4th Sunday of Advent, and so almost 50 us us gathered in the parish hall around the large table for our last bit of preparation. Deacon Joan Kelly kept it short and very sweet.

24 December 2017 – B Advent 4

17 December 2017 – B Advent 3: Our culture wants us to focus on what we get for Christmas. Recalling a sermon heard a long time, Canon Gatza focuses attention on what we are giving from ourselves, from our talents and skills.

17 December 2017 – B Advent 3

10 December 2017 – B Advent 2: Canon Gatza draws on some personal experiences as well as examples from scripture to talk about wilderness experiences and what they are good for.

10 December 2017 – B Advent 2

3 December 2017 – B Advent 1: Fr. Bill Smith on warnings and signs and what we need to do when we see them. “Keep playing; keep on going; don’t stop.”

3 December 2017 – B Advent 1