“To Do” List

Every church has a bunch of things that need doing — some larger, some smaller. If you have some time to give, take a look at the list below to see if there is something you’d like to help us with.  If you need to purchase supplies, you may be reimbursed, just save your receipts for us.

To add to the list please print out the ‘attachment’ form,  Complete the form,  providing as much detail as possible, and forward it (or drop it off) to the Church office.   It will then be passed along to the Junior Warden.

Jr Warden Fix It Form


  • Get estimates to install a third spotlight to illuminate the space in front of the chancel steps; replace bulbs in the existing lights.


  • Clean out the “cubby hole” storage space in the Office


In the kitchen

  • Various cabinets and doors; tighten loose knobs and hinges
  • Clean light fixture bulbs
  • Check battery in smoke alarm and replace March and October

Mud Room

  • Clear junk and trash, sweep floor and walls
  • Door to outside needs repairing so that it can be easily opened from the inside if needed for an emergency exit.

Main Room/Living Room

Half Bath

  • Repair the window so it can be closed all the way and latched

Room at the Top of the Stairs – Street Side

  • Clean light fixture and replace bulbs
  • Repair closet door so that it can be opened.  It’s stuck shut.
  • Check battery in hallway smoke alarm and replace March and October

Bathrooms Upstairs

  • General sweeping and cleaning
  • Clean light fixture and check the bulb, replace if necessary
  • Replace curtains and rods
  • Check the toilet fill parts and flapper valve.


  • Stairs: general sweeping of cobwebs and dirt
  • Bathroom; clean, vacuum and sweep surfaces
  • Furnace room; sweep the area.  NOTE: there are asbestos covered pipes in the ceiling, do not disturb them.
  • Bedroom: sweep and vacuum. Plug some kind of light into the outlet controlled by the wall switch.
  • Sump pump room
    1. Remove old cans of paint and TV set
    2. Check sump pump battery backup system to see if it actually works
    3. General sweeping of floors and cleaning of the area.  NOTE: there are asbestos covered pipes in the ceiling, do not disturb them.