The Ides of May

March is not the only month with Ides! In fact, every month has them — though the actual date varies a little bit. March, May, July and October all have Ides on the 15th of the month. The others have ides on the 13th of the month. Every month has a Calends, which is its first day, and from which we get the word “calendar.” Thank you to the Roman Empire, which declared all this to be. But why, you ask? Well, when you are counting with Roman numerals, with respect to dates in a month, it is easier to talk about so many days before or after the Ides or the Calends, than to count our the days individually. So, my Divinity School decree declares (in Latin!) that I graduated seven days before the Calends of June, or May 25th  anno domine 1980.

The album cover pictured above is from a blues group from the Netherlands from the 1980’s, and not available any longer. You can hear a pretty good indie band sing about the Ides of May here:

The day will come and go, and so here are the bulletins and Sunday School Lesson for the Sixth Sunday of Easter, 17 May 2020.

17 May 2020 A Easter VI – Service Script

17 May 2020 Sunday School Lessons During COVID-19

Things are opening up, so be careful out there! All of the rules that are keeping us safe still apply. Keep your masks handy and your hands clean.

Stay Calm; Stay Connected; Stay Church.

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Mark Gatza,


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