This is What Church is Supposed to Look Like!

My young friend here sits most weeks in the front pew with his parents. On Easter 2 he decided he wanted a closer look at what it was like to preach. After peeking around from the bottom of the pew a couple of times, I asked if he wanted to join me perched on my preaching stool. He sure did! About four minutes into the sermon he climbed up into my lap, and stayed about five minutes. You’ll hear those moments in the sermon, which you can listen to below.

Thanks to his parents who have allowed us to post this. Thanks to AL who took the picture. This is a great reminder that if you see something, “snap” something … with your phone.

Here’s the sermon, which will also get posted later in the audio sermon section (along with many others I am behind in posting).

28 April 2019 – C Easter 2

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