Yes, we call in an “Annual Congregational Meeting,” but it’s really more of a fellowship event.

Sunday, 13 January 2019, Emmanuel will hold only one service, at 10:00 AM. Immediately following the service, we will adjourn to Addicks Hall for the meeting. On your way, you may grab a slice of quiche or coffee cake and a cup of coffee or other beverage in the Maryan Room.

Everyone is welcome to attend and participate in the conversation. We don’t have anything to vote on this year, but for the record the “Voting Members” of the congregation are those who have worshiped with us for at least six months, have received Holy Communion at least three times, have made a financial contribution to the church, and consider Emmanuel to be their “home church.”

New Vestry members will be selected by the procedure we adopted a couple of years ago, where names of candidates are drawn from a hat — much like the process by which the Apostle Matthias was chosen by the Holy Spirit to replace Judas Iscariot in the Book of Acts.

In order to save time, no reports are read, but are published here for your convenience. A very few copies will be printed and available at the meeting. Check back during the week as new reports are added.

The Rector’s Report

Deacon Joan Kelly 2018 Annual Report

Senior Warden Report 2019

Report of the Junior Warden

Emmanuel Repairs List 1-3-19 (1)

Christian Education Annual Report 2018

Organist-choirmaster Report 1.6.19

2019 Draft Budget Notes

2019 Draft Budget Worksheet B

Candidates for Vestry

  • Michael Barton
  • Joseph Gwiazda
  • Bonnie Montalvo
  • Cathy Proctor


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