Episcopal Church 101 & Confirmation

Episcopal Church 101 

Once a year or so we offer this basic introduction to the ways and means of the Episcopal Church. It covers our origins, the way we worship, the documents that outline our faith, and some basic Bible and Church History.  This year it is being offered the four Saturdays of November, from 11:00 AM through 12:30 PM:

  •  November4: Worship: What Episcopalians Do Best!  – We’ll look at our Prayerbook, at our architecture and take a virtual tour of some interesting contemporary alternatives.
  •  November 11: 40 Feet of Church History – At a scale of one foot per hundred years, the history our traditions going back to Abraham takes up about 40 feet. We will use a string “time line” to put the major events and characters of our Bible into chronological perspective.
  •  November 18: Creeds, Confessions & Catechisms –  A look at the tools and techniques for handing on the faith to newcomers and coming generations.
  •  November 25: The Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion –  We are a small fraction of the people around the world who look to the Anglican Church as mother.  And like a large family, there are occasionally squabbles and disagreements. We will also take a look at relationships with other denominations and explore briefly other trends in Christian worship.
  • And on a Date to Be Announced: The Great Charles Street Steeplechase – Jesus said, “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” We will tour five churches on Charles Street in Baltimore to look for signs of that treasure and where the hearts of those congregations are focused. You will be fascinated! Once home, we will look again at our own sanctuary to see what we value.

Preparation for Confirmation

Confirmation is an adult affirmation of Christian Faith, as taught by the Episcopal Church, made before the Bishop and sealing with prayer and the laying on of hands. In an important sense it serves as an “ordination” to the largest and most important order of ministry, the laity.

The Rt. Rev’d Eugene Taylor Sutton, the Bishop of Maryland will be with us on Sunday, 18 March 2018, to help us celebrate Emmanuel’s 150th Anniversary. As part of the festivities, Confirmation will be offered, along with the similar rites of Reception (for those who have been confirmed by a bishop in a different church) and Reaffirmation (for those who have been confirmed in the Episcopal Church but want to renew their commitment). According to Diocesan policy, candidates for any of the above sacramental acts should be 16 years of age or older.

Episcopal Church 101 is an important piece of the preparation to be confirmed. Please contact Canon Gatza for further details.


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