At Last, It’s Time …

22 October 2013


Dear Emmanuel Church Friends,

Inside the recent issue of the Trumpet you will see a notice about our continuing effort to provide reliable heat to Addicks Hall, the Maryan Room and our offices, restrooms and parlor. Monday Evening, the Vestry heard a report from parishioner CBoilerharlie Pickett that included some new information as well as a proposal for our action. The new information came from a technician we hired to try (yet again!) to repair the unit we have. His diagnosis was not just that our boiler was in bad shape but also that some of the components had deteriorated to the point of being dangerous, including damage to an element that was actually allowing flames from the burner to escape to the outside. Fortunately, he was able to repair that problem.

It is now apparent to us that we need to act quickly to replace the unit. Charlie has also reviewed the bids we have – and solicited additional ones – in order to compare our options. He made a recommendation Monday night that we accept a bid from A. J. Michaels and begin the work as soon as possible.

The proposal includes removing our old boiler and replacing it with a combination of units that will provide both air conditioning and heat to the parish hall and heat to our other areas for a cost of $50,467.00. Your Vestry has been mindful of this possibility for some time and has made every attempt to save resources against this need. At our meeting we calculated that we have about $31,000.00 set aside that we can spend on this work. We therefore need to raise an additional $20,000 or so to complete the project. After a thorough discussion, the Vestry voted to accept the proposal, confident that we will find the necessary funds.

In appreciation of their confidence that we can get this done, I have pledged the first $1000.00 of the total we need. I invite you to join me in this effort and make a pledge (payable by the end of 2013) or a contribution to Emmanuel Church (noting “Furnace” on the memo line) in the next two weeks so that we can have the work done in time for our greatest need. Contact us at the address below or by email to

Four years ago when we launched a campaign to air condition the church sanctuary, we promised to refund any contributions above and beyond the cost of the work done. For this project we propose using any surplus to repaint Addicks Hall and refresh and refurbish the Maryan Room, finally turning any balance over to our Organ Fund.

Your Vestry hopes that our “track record” of financial responsibility and good stewardship will inspire you to help us as we care for the legacy that has been handed down to us.

Faithfully Yours,




The Rev’d Canon Dr. Mark Gatza, Rector


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