Annual Congregational Meeting Slated for 28 January 2018

Our pattern is to hold our Annual Meeting on the last Sunday of January, this year on the 28th. We will hold one service only — at 10:00 AM — to encourage people to come together, and then entice folks to stay for the meeting itself by offering a variety of snacks and treats. Every year we select new Vestry members and give folks a chance to have particular questions answered. Most years we are able to present a budget reflecting our best guesses at income and expenses. Some years we have other things to consider, for example, the long range plan that we rolled out a couple of years ago and which the Vestry continues to monitor.

Here are some of the agenda items that we look forward to this year.

  •  Changes in our By-Laws: Over the years every institution needs to look at its ways and means and be sure that its controlling documents reflect actual common sense practice. Last Summer the Vestry looked long and hard at it’s By-Laws and did some updating. The Annual Meeting will hear about them and have a chance to vote them into place.
  • Selecting New Vestry Members: This is the second year of our process of selecting members and alternates from a hat, rather than by election — something right from the book of Acts. So far this procedure is working well.
  •  Budget Conversation: Pledges for 2018 are considerably reduced from previous years, due in part to people who have moved away and others who have died. We are faced with raising more money or reducing expenses (or both!) and the Vestry wants to hear from the congregation as it makes its decisions.
  • Our 150th Anniversary Celebrations: An updated report on all of our developing plans.

Look Here for Annual Reports and Documents related to the meeting as they come available.



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