The Bishop is Coming! The Bishop is Coming! October 11th!

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Er, ah, well … A Bishop is Coming! The Bishop is the Rt. Rev’d Eugene T. Sutton, because a diocese properly has one Bishop who is in charge. But in Maryland we are large enough to need to have more than one around, and so we have had a number of Suffragan Bishops over the years (consecrated to serve in Maryland) and Assistant or Assisting Bishops (who may have come from other Dioceses).

We kind of get the best of both worlds this season because the Rt. Rev’d Robert W. Ihloff — who was Maryland’s Bishop until his retirement in 2007 — is now back with us as Assistant Bishop to Bishop Sutton.

And Bishop Ihloff will be making an official Episcopal Visitation to Emmanuel Church on Sunday, 11 October 2020. He will be celebrant and preacher at our service from our altar. He will also meet with our Vestry, by Zoom as we all do these days. There may be some additional elements to his visit that we will announce as they are known. You will enjoy his active and joyful presence in worship and you’ll hear a really, really good sermon — the only kind he knows how to give. We are also looking into arranging a Zoom coffee hour after the service, for all who want to tune in.

It was my pleasure to work as a member of Bishop Ihloff”s staff beginning in 2003 as the Canon Missioner for Deployment, Congregational Development and Evangelism (& other duties as assigned!). This provided experience that I have consistently put to use as Emmanuel has changed over the last 11 years since I was welcomed as priest here.

Please Plan To Join Us! As we have done since early August, we will be welcoming as many as 30 people to be in the church with us. Please Contact Sandy Cormack via his email to make a reservation. If you plan to worship with us at home, please make sure you leave time to see the whole service and to join us for the follow-up.

Watch this space for any news about special features or events that may unfold around Bishop Ihloff’s visit.

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Mark Gatza,



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