Wednesday, 13 February – 2 hours Late, But Open

Like the headline says. Call First to make sure we are clear.

The announcement of the Lent Madness voting brackets last November sent your Rector to his history books. (Well, actually to Wikipedia, if you must know!) There were names of saints unknown to the vast majority of Episcopalians amid the 32 listed in the four categories. So … our hint to you: hie thee hence to and get a head start preparing for the playoff pairings to come. 

You can play on your phone, tablet, or computer, or (if you want to get all medieval about it) you can actually order a booklet with the biographies of this year’s candidates. 

Emmanuel will have the full bracket poster available to look at in the church, and the Rector will post his selections before the voting begins. 

And don’t forget to check out the blog posts that are linked to the site. Some of the best young talent in the Episcopal Church can be found there, along with some pretty good ideas about what is working for congregations across the country.

The Rev’d Canon Dr. Mark Gatza,


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